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The Moruna collection is the first open edition collection to be released by Don Tanani and its first collection to be released in Egypt. Don Tanani presents a new concept for furniture, a revolutionary collection that is at home indoors and outdoors.



The Moruna collection name is derived from the Arabic word “مرونة “meaning flexibility. The name represents the deconstruction and reconstruction of the Ouroboros bench as a furniture collection that can be used both indoors and outdoors. The collection uses features of the ouroboros bench like the undulating curves of solid hand-carved wood in either teak or oak. The curves, lines and construction of the Ouroboros bench are stretched and reformed into diferent objects and functions inspired by regeneration of the ouroboros and as an extension of the duality concept through its indoor/outdoor functionality. Each piece of the collection features a series of 8 cm sections of solid wood that are hand carved and joined to create a robust structure. The structure is the result of research and development done to create the Ouroboros bench of the inaugural Don Tanani collection “Duality” in 2021. The unique ‘c’ construction of the ouroboros bench has been flipped and contorted to create an array of seating options. Each piece is handmade. Straight sections of wood are hand turned on wood lathes to create cylindrical straight sections. Certain sections are hollowed out to lighten weight when used as a backrest. The sections are then temporarily joined to CNC cut curved sections. The CNC sections are then hand shaped to correspond to radii of straight sections and then joined together by hand using special joinery developed for the Ouroboros bench. Each section is then hand filed down by 1 cm to create a flat surface for all parts to be joined together. After joinery, everything is hand-sanded and finished. The Moruna collection is available in solid teak for indoor and outdoor use and solid oxidized oak for indoor use.

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